Share a Dashboard

Check out the walk-through on how to share a Dashboard.

  • Open the Manage option.

  • Open a Workspace from the list of workspaces.

  • Select a dashboard from the list of dashboards.

  • Click the Share icon for the selected dashboard.

  • The Share Dashboard dialog box opens.

  • Use the USER LIST or USER GROUPS option to select user(s)/user group(s) to share the dashboard. Select the EXCLUDE USER option to exclude user(s) from the rights to see a dashboard.

  • Use the arrows to move the user(s) or user group(s) to the right side box.

  • The user(s) and user group(s) moved to the right side box are selected user(s) and user group(s).

  • Click the Share option.

  • A confirmation message appears and the dashboard gets shared to the selected user(s) or user group(s).

  • The shared dashboard gets notified by the letter 's' next to the dashboard names in the user account where it has been shared.

Please Note: The shared dashboards can only be opened in the Designer module by the users to whom they are shared. The users do not get any other options to be applied on the shared dashboards.

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