This page is for the Advanced configuration of the Data Pipeline.

Following is the list of configurations on the settings page:

  • Kafka Configuration

  • DataPrep Settings

  • Logger

  • Default Configuration

  • Pod Status

  • DB Sync

Kafka Configuration

This is for configuring details that are used for creating the events in the pipeline.

Please Note: This configuration is critical and should not be changed as this can mess up the activated pipelines.

Data Preparation Settings

This shows a list of all exported preps from the Data Preparation module.

Data Science Models

Data Science models that have been published as a service from Data Science Workbench gets listed here.


This gives the info and config details of the Kafka topic that is set for logging.

Default Configuration

This is for setting the Default component configuration for Low, Medium and, High configuration Pipelines.

Please Note: The Non-Spark means Docker under the Default Configuration section.

Pod Status

The Pod Status page under the Settings option gives us monitoring capability on the health of the System Components.

Please Note: The system components should be up for proper functionality of the Pipeline module.

DB Sync

DB Sync in settings is to globally configure the Data Sync feature. This way we can enable a DB connection and use the same connection in the pipeline without using any extra resources.

Please Note: We support 5 drivers at present

  • MongoDB

  • Postgres


  • Oracle

  • MySQL

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