• Navigate to the Designer homepage.

  • Click the Manage option.

  • The user gets directed to manage the following tasks for a Workspace or Dashboard:

Tasks for a Workspace

  • Search in Workspaces: Searches for a specific Workspace.

  • Reload Workspaces: Reloads all the Workspaces.

  • New Workspace: Adds a new Workspace.

  • Rename: Renames the selected workspace.

  • Remove: Removes the selected workspace from the list and move to the Trash Workspace.

  • Share: Shares the selected workspace to a user or user group. The rights to access an already shared workspace can be excluded by using the same option.

  • Empty the Trash: Removes all the workspaces from the Trash workspace.

Tasks for a Dashboard

To access the options, the users need to select a dashboard from an existing workspace as displayed in the following image:

  • Search: Searches for a Dashboard

  • GIT Export: Export a dashboard to GIT and get a pushed version from the GIT repository (Push to VCS and Pull from VCS)

  • Open in Designer: Opens the dashboard in Designer to Edit or modify

  • Publish to Portal: Publishes the Dashboard to the portal

  • Remove: Deletes the Dashboard

  • Actions: Applies the various actions on a dashboard

The users get the following options while clicking the More Actions icon provided for a Dashboard.

  1. Preview the dashboard

  2. Export to Local Disk

  3. Rename the Dashboard

  4. Delete Dashboard

  5. Move the Dashboard from one Workspace to another Workspace

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