Monitoring Pipeline

This Page explains How we can monitor the Pipelines.

The user can monitor a pipeline together with all the components associated with the same by using the Pipeline Monitoring icon. The user gets information about Pipeline components, Status, Types, Last Activated (Date and Time), Last Deactivated (Date and Time), Total Allocated and Consumed CPU%, Total allocated and consumed memory, Number of Records, and Component logs all displayed on the same page.

Go through the below-given video to get a basic idea on the pipeline monitoring functionality.

  • Navigate to the Pipeline List page.

  • Click the Monitor icon.


  • Navigate to the Pipeline Workflow Editor page.

  • Click the Pipeline Monitoring icon on the Header panel.

  • The Pipeline Monitoring page opens displaying the details of the selected pipeline.

  • The Monitor tab opens by default.

  • The user can monitor the following information using the Pipeline Monitoring page, the user can monitor the following:

    • Allocated memory

    • Allocated CPU

    • Consumed memory

    • Consumed CPU

    • Minimum memory usage/ maximum memory usage

    • Minimum CPU usage/ maximum CPU usage

  • Open the Data Metrics tab.

  • Specify the time period by providing the from and to dates.

  • Choose an interval option or select the custom interval.

  • The component specific data metrics get displayed. The green color nodes indicate that the data has been loaded.

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