Scattered Plot chart

Check out the given walk-through on how to set the Scattered Plot chart properties.

A scatter plot is a two-dimensional data visualization that uses dots to represent the values obtained for two different variables - one plotted along the x-axis and the other plotted along the y-axis.


General Settings

Exclude Global Filter: Use a checkmark in the given box to exclude the Global filter

Show Data Label: Use a checkmark in the provided box to display the data label

View Filter

Filter: Select a filter condition using the drop-down menu.

Please Note

1. The user needs to configure the X-Axis Field information such as Measure and Aggregation to get the above-given display of the scattered points in the chart. E.g., In this case, the selected Measure value is ExperiencePerCTC, and the selected Aggregation option is None.

2. The Scatter Plot chart displays only Measure values with the None Aggregation option selected from the drop-down.


  • Text: Provide any information regarding the chart. If any digit or character is required to be highlighted, put it inside two asterisks. (E.g., *70%* or *skills*).

  • Text align: There are three alignments to align the text.

    • Left

    • Right

    • Centre

  • Position: There are two options to position the text.

    • Bottom

    • Right

Please Note: You can choose a different color for the label and shape from the Series Properties.

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