Using a Code Cell

Write & Run Code in a Notebook.

Check out the given walk-through on how to use a Code Cell under a Notebook.

You can write and execute code using the Notebook interface. This section covers the steps to write and run a sample code in the Code cell of the BDB DSL Notebook.

  • Navigate to a Notebook.

  • A cell to write and execute code opens under the selected Notebook.

  • Write code inside the cell.

  • Click the Run cell icon to run the code.

  • The Run cell button gets changed into the Interrupt cell icon while running the code.

  • Another code cell gets added below (as shown in the following image).

  • Once the code is run successfully a checkmark appears below the Run cell icon.

  • The number before a cell indicates the count of the input executions for the notebook.

  • Click the Save icon provided for the Notebook.

  • The Notebook gets saved with the new update.

  • A notification message appears to indicate the completion of the action.

Please Note:

  • The +Code and +Markdown options provided at the bottom of a cell inserts a new cell after the given code/ Markdown cell.

  • While the Code and Markdown options provided under the Code section of the Task Bar adds a new cell before the given code/Markdown cell.

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