The License admin option provides information about the user license and allows the administrator to perform the License-related settings with the help of the BDB support team.

  • Access the ‘License’ admin option using the panel.

  • The License Settings page opens displaying the active session with customer name and product type.

  • Enable the ‘Show License Options’ using the radio button to update the License Users.

Note: After enabling the ‘License Settings’ radio button, the following options appear on the page:

  • Generate private key

  • Update License Key

Follow the below-given steps to configure the displayed License options

  • Generate Private Key

    • Navigate to the License Settings page.

    • Enable the ‘Show license options’ by using the radio button.

    • Click the ‘Generate private key’ option.

    • A private key gets generated.

Note: Click the ‘Cancel’ option to remove the generated private key.

  • Update License

    Once the user shares the generated private key with the support team of BDB, the support team sends them the license key via email.

    • The user needs to enter the license key in the ‘Update License’ space.

    • Click the ‘Update’ option to update the existing licenses.

Note: The same workflow of License options is provided on the BDB Platform login page to facilitate the new users and the (existing) users who wish to renew their expired licenses with BDB.

  • Click the ‘Generate’ option to get a new private key (which needs to be shared with the support team at to receive the License Key.

  • Choose the ‘Click Here’ option, if you have already received the License key from the BDB support team.

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