Dimension-based View Filter

Check out the given walk-through on how to filter a View based on Dimension value.

  • Click the Filter icon from the design mode of a view.

  • A filter panel opens with the list of available filter values.

  • Select a dimension to display a list containing all the sub-dimensions.

  • Select the In option as the filter condition from the drop-down menu.

  • Select sub-dimension(s) by putting checkmarks in the box (the user can select multiple values).

  • Click the Apply icon.

  • The View Filter icon gets highlighted.

  • The concerned view gets filtered as per the applied filter condition(s).

  • If the selected filter condition is Not In for the View Filter.

  • Then, the view gets filtered by the not selected filter values (In the below-given image, the View shows team wise monthly salary data for the males).

Please Note:

a. A Search bar has been provided in the View Filter panel to search a specific Dimension/ Measure/ Time value from the available list.

b. The user needs to click the Apply Filter button while enabling or eliminating the View-specific filter values to reflect the same in the displayed chart.

c. The user can insert, modify, or remove a view-specific filter via the Analyse option.

d. The View Filter becomes ineffective when the selected View is inserted into a story, and the Global Filter is applied to it.

e. The maximum selection for the Filter condition is restricted to 30. The users get a notification when they select the permitted number of the filter condition.

f. The View Filter also contains the Like and Not Like operations.

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