Text Analyzer

Check out the below given walk-through on how to use the Text Analyzer chart component in Designer module.

The Text Analyzer chart is extremely useful to plot the popularity and sentiment graphs of various products and to identify their relationships to the actual sales of these products. It provides visualizations based on 20 emotional properties embodied in text, with their measure of confidence, which we call 'Sentiment'.

Default Chart Image:

Properties of the Text Analyzer chart:

  • Axis Labels: The user can change the font size, color, style, etc.

  • Background: The user can change the background color of the chart, can get the border for the chart and can change the border color, can get the reflection of the chart by enabling the shadow option can also change the color and increase & decrease the transparency of the shadow.

  • Export Options: The user can enable the “Enable Context Menu”, then it is possible to download the reports in different formats if we click on the chart from the preview section. The heading and sub heading of that downloaded chart and the name of the downloaded file can be change from this section.

  • General: The user can change the height, width, top, left, can enable the range bar, change the axis color, can change Emoticon size & color and base type to plain and gradient.

  • Title: The user can change Title Name, Font color, size, style, etc.

  • Tooltip: The user can show the description of the series can use the tooltip by enabling it.

Axis Labels Properties:

General Properties:

Title Properties:

Text Analyzer chart variants by changing the Properties.

Text Analyzer with Gradient Base

Text Analyzer with Plain Base

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