The following steps display how to create a new Facebook Data Connector.

  • Select the ‘Add New Account’ option from the Select Account drop-down menu to add a new Facebook account.

  • Enter the credentials of a Facebook account to log in.

  • A new page opens, allowing BizViz to access the information from the logged-in Facebook account.

  • Click the ‘Continue asThe profile owner’s name’ if you wish to map the same account or use the ‘Edit This’ option to edit the information.

  • Select the ‘OK’ option to link BizViz with the selected Facebook account (it may ask for a few additional steps if there is no page created from the selected Facebook account).

  • By selecting the continuation option, the user gets notified as logged in to the selected Facebook account and the Facebook Connector page reopens.

  • Provide a title for the Data Connector.

  • Describe the Data Connection (Optional).

  • Click the ‘Save’ option.

  • A success message appears, and the newly created Facebook Connector gets added to the Data Connectors list.

Note: The below-given page opens if the user selects an account using the ‘Select Account’ drop-down menu. In this scenario, the user needs to provide only the Data Connector name, Description (optional), and click the ‘Save’ option to create a new Facebook Data Connector.

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