Publish a Dashboard

The below-given illustration will help you to understand how to publish a Dashboard.

Dashboards need to be published for end-users to access them. This section explains the steps to publish dashboards.

  • Click the Manage option on the Designer homepage.

  • Select and click on a workspace from the list of Workspaces.

  • Select a Dashboard from the list of the saved dashboards under the selected workspace.

  • Click the Publish to Portal icon.

  • The Publish dialog box appears to assure the action with the dashboard name and description.

  • The user needs to specify a user or user group using the following options:

    • USER LIST: To select a user or multiple users by using a checkmark in the box.

    • USER GROUPS: To select a user group or multiple user groups by using a checkmark in the box.

    • EXCLUDE USER: To exclude a user or multiple users by using a checkmark in the box.

  • Click the Publish option.

  • Two success messages appear to assure the completion of the action.

  • The selected dashboard gets published at the desired place.

Please Note:

  • For the published dashboard, the below-given dialog box appears while clicking the Publish to Portal icon.

  • Select an action option out of Re-Publish or Publish as New.

    • The Republish option if selected displays the following details:

      • The available version(s) of the published dashboard. The user can select a version to republish.

      • The selected user(s) or user group(s) gets appeared in the dialog box.

    • The Publish as New action allows the user to publish the selected dashboard as new.

      • Click the Publish option to complete the action.

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