KPI Tile: Sparkline

Check out the given walk-through on how to set the KPI Tile: Sparkline chart properties.

The KPI Sparkline combines KPI tile and Sparkline visualization in a single view. It facilitates the users to see KPIs and trends in the same view. The visualization type supports one Dimension and one measure. It does not support the 3rd dragged value and converts the second Dimension in a Measure if dragged on the canvas.


General Settings

  • Label: Provide a label name by using this field

  • Label Color: Select a label color from the menu

  • Label Font Size: Set the label font size

  • Exclude Global Filter: Enabling this option by a checkmark excludes the selected view from the Global Filter condition

View Filter

  • Filter: Select a filter condition to be applied to the view on the storyboard

Chart Properties

  • Line Color: Select a line color for the Sparkline chart

  • Fill Color: Select a fill color for the Sparkline chart

Value Properties

  • Font Size: Set the font size of the displayed value using the drop-down menu.

  • Format Type: Select a desired format type from the drop-down menu (the provided options for this field are: None, Auto, Percent, Thousand, Lacs, Crore, Million).

  • Currency Type: Select a currency symbol to be displayed in the view (the provided options for this field are: None, Euro, Rupees, Pound, USD, Yen, Cent).

  • Precision: Set the after decimal value to be displayed.

  • Value: Select an option from the drop-down menu.

    • Aggregated

    • Last

  • Value Color: Select a value color from the menu.

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