User Security Page

You can create users/ user groups and assign various app permissions using this page.

Pre-requisite: The User module will be visible under Apps menu only for those users who are created either containing the Admin role or have permission to access the User module.

Check out the walk through given below on how to access the User Security page.

  • Select the Security plugin from the Apps menu.

  • The User Security page opens.

    • You can see a list of created User Groups on the left side of the screen where as the right side displays the list of Users who are part of any selected group.

    • By default the landing page displays All Groups selected from the User Groups list and All Users selected from the Type drop-down menu containing the Active Status.

  • The user can go ahead with the creation of Group or User by clicking the New menu option.

Please Note: You can search for a specific user or group by using the Search Group or Search User option once some users and groups are created.

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