Users can delete a dashboard by following the steps explained over here.

  • Select a dashboard using the Manage option.

  • Click the Delete icon from the More Actions context menu.

  • A pop-up window appears to confirm the deletion.

  • Select the Remove option from the pop-up window.

  • A message appears to notify the completion of the action and the selected dashboard gets removed from the list.

Restoring the Deleted Dashboard

By default, the dashboard gets moved to the Trash Workspace. The users can open the Trash Workspace and restore the dashboard to the desired workspace.

  • Click the Manage option from the Designer homepage.

  • Navigate to the Trash workspace created under the list of all the workspaces.

  • Select a deleted dashboard that you want to restore Click the Restore icon.

  • The Restore window appears.

  • Select a workspace using the drop-down menu.

  • Click the Restore option.

  • A success message appears to assure the restoration.

  • The dashboard gets restored to the selected workspace.

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