Dissolution chart

Check out the given walk-through on how to set the Dissolution chart properties.

The dissolution chart lets you visualize data across multiple dimensions. It automatically aggregates data and enables drilling down into your dimensions in any order.

The visualization requires two types of input:

Chart Properties

  1. Font Style: Select a font style from the drop-down menu.

  2. Font Weight: Select a font-weight from the drop-down menu.

  3. Font Size: Select a font size from the drop-down menu.

  4. Font Family: Select a font family from the drop-down menu

  5. Color: Select a color from the drop-down menu

  6. Font Color: Select a font color from the drop-down menu

  7. Data in Percentage: Enable data in percentage by turning on the radio button.

  8. Underline: Enable underline by turning on the radio button.

Primary Value Axis

  • Format Type: Select a desired format type from the drop-down menu (the provided options for this field are: None, Auto, Percent, Thousand, Lacs, Crore, Million)

  • Currency Type: Select a currency symbol to be displayed in the view (the provided options for this field are: None, Euro, Rupees, Pound, USD, Yen, Cent)

  • Precision: Set the after-decimal value (It displays up to 5 precision)


  • Text: Provide any information regarding the chart. If any digit or character is required to be highlighted, put it inside two asterisks. (E.g., *70%* or *skills*).

  • Text align: There are three alignments to align the text.

    • Left

    • Right

    • Centre

  • Position: There are two options to position the text.

    • Bottom

    • Right

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