Resetting Password

This section aims to describe steps to reset password for your user account using the Forgot Password option.

Check out the walk-through on how to reset password using the Forgot Password option.

The users are provided with a choice to reset the password in case they forget it. This functionality is provided on the sign-in page of the platform.

  • Click the Forgot Password? option from the Sign In page.

  • The Forgot Password? page opens.

  • Provide the email id that is registered with BDB to send the reset password link.

  • Click the Continue option.

    • The user may get redirected to select a space in case of multiple spaces under one server link (The user needs to select a space and click the Continue option once again).

  • In case a user does not have multiple spaces, a message appears to notify the user about the password reset link (the reset link gets shared via the registered email).

  • Click the link from your registered email.

  • The user gets redirected to the Reset Password page to set a new password.

  • Set a new password.

  • Confirm the newly set password.

  • Click the Continue option.

  • The password for the selected BDB account gets reset and a confirmation message appears to inform the user.

Please Note: The user gets redirected back to the Sign In page after successfully resetting the password for their platform account.

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