Creating a New FTP Data Set

  • Click the New menu from the Data Center page.

  • Select the Data Set from the context menu.

  • The Data Connectors list appears.

  • Select an FTP Server using the data source filter.

  • Search an FTP Data Connector from the Search Data Connectors list.

  • Select a Data Connector from the list.

  • Click the Create Data Set option for the selected Data Connector.

  • A new Data Set creation form opens for the FTP Data Set.

  • Provide a name for the Data Set.

  • Describe the Data Set (Optional).

  • The pre-selected Data Connector name appears.

  • Click the Get All Data option.

  • Select a file from the displayed list (Use double-click on a file to select it.)

  • After selecting a specific file, click the Get Sheets option.

  • Choose a Data Sheet using the Select Report Type drop-down menu.

  • Click the Save option after getting the data preview.

  • A success message appears to assure the creation of a new dataset.

  • The newly created FTP Data Set gets added to the Data Sets list.

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