Custom View Filter

Check out the walk-through on Custom View Filter to understand the functionality.

The user can access this view-specific filter option from the chart properties provided on the storyboard when the view is saved.

  • Create a View by the drag and drop of the desired dimension and measure options on the Design page (By default, the Mixed chart gets selected to display the selected data).

  • Open the Properties tab.

  • Select the View Filter option using the Properties panel (In this case, the filter condition is Designation).

  • Click the Save option to save the view on the storyboard.

  • Access the view from the storyboard.

  • Click the Filter icon.

  • The selected View Filter option gets selected (In this case, it is 'designation').

  • Select a filter value.

  • Click the Apply icon.

  • The concerned View gets customized as per the selected filter condition on the Storyboard.

Editing the Customised View

  • Click the Edit option for the same view from the Storyboard.

  • The view opens in the Design Workspace, the View Filter (Custom Filter) condition does not remain effective on the view when it opens in the design mode.

Please Note: The View Filter choice cannot be used for the Scatter Plot chart, KPI Tile, KPI Comparative Tile, Matrix Summary visualization charting options.

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