Export to Pipeline

Check out the walk-through on how to export a script to Pipeline module.

  • Navigate to the Pipeline list.

  • Click the Export to Pipeline icon for a pipeline.

  • The Export to Pipeline dialog box options.

  • Select a specific function using the checkbox.

  • Click the Next option.

  • A confirmation appears informing the completion of the action.

  • Navigate to a Pipeline containing DS Lab Runner component.

  • Open the Meta Information tab of the DS Lab Runner component.

  • Select the required information as given below:

    • Execution Type: Select the Script Runner option

    • Function Input Type: Select one option out of the Data Frame or List.

    • Project Name: Select the Project name using the drop-down menu.

    • Script Name: Select the script name using the drop-down menu.

    • Start Function: Select a function name using the drop-down menu.

    • The Script displays the exported script.

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