Guided Tour

It covers the major options provided on the Designer Canvas page through a guided tour pop-up window.

The user can avail a guided tour to the Designer canvas page using the Guided Tour icon provided on the right side panel.

  • Navigate to the Designer Canvas page.

  • Click the Guided Tour icon.

  • A dialog box appears next to the major options of the Designer Page. It begins from the Homepage.

  • Click the Next option to move forward.

  • It redirects the users on the icon to open the Dashboard Canvas page.

  • Click the Prev option to go to the back page.

  • Click the End tour option to close the guided tour window at any given point.

Please Note:

  • The Dashboard canvas page opens for the selected dashboard while navigating to the Dashboard option using the Guided Tour window.

  • The user can choose the Next option from the Dashboards guided tour window to move ahead on the various options on the Designer Canvas page.

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