The Stepper component performs the action(s) on associated components. Data in associated components will change based on the selected value (which can be increased or decreased by using the up/down arrow).

Default Component Image:

Properties of the Stepper:

  • Background: The user can get the reflection of the chart by enabling the shadow option can also change the color and increase & decrease the transparency of the shadow.

  • General: The user can change the height, width, top, and left values. If initial visibility is not enabled, then the chart won’t be available for the first preview. The maximum value and minimum value of the stepper can be adjusted in this section. Also, the user can provide the step size. The bigger the step size, the faster the stepper reaches the maximum.

  • Style: The user can set the background color and font color as well as font style-weight-family etc in this section.

General Properties:

Style Properties:

Modified Stepper after changing its properties:

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