Data Service Connection

Steps to develop a data connection based on the Data Service.

Check out the given illustration on how to create a Data Service connection and associate it to a charting component.

  • Click the Data Connectors icon to display all the available data sources.

  • Click the Create New Connection icon provided next to the Data Service connector.

  • A new connection gets added under the Data Service connector type.

  • The configurable connection-specific fields display on the right side of the page as explained below:

    • Name: Name the connection.

    • Data Connectors: Select a data source from the drop-down menu.

    • Data Services: Select a data service from the drop-down menu.

    • Load at Start: Enable this option to get up-to-date data / pull the updated data from the data source before loading it into charts.

    • Timely Refresh: Enable this option to get the refreshed data.

    • Refresh Interval: Set the time for refresh interval. (This field appears when the Timely Refresh the field has been enabled.)

    • The Field Set tab displays all the fields after establishing the data connection.

Please Note:

  • Click the Reload Data Sources icon to reload the existing data connectors.

  • Click the Refresh Service icon to refresh all the available data services.

  • The users can filter the targeted data set using the Condition option.

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