Sharing a Project

Share your DSL projects across your team.

Check-out the walk through on how to share a Project

  • Navigate to the Projects page of the DS Lab module.

  • Select a project from the list.

  • Click the Share icon.

  • The Share Project page opens.

  • Select a tab out of USER, USER GROUP, and EXCLUDE USER tabs.

  • Search for a specific user or user group to share the Project.

  • Select a User from the USER tab (as displayed in the given image).

  • Use the single arrow mark to move the user. (Selecting the icon containing both the arrows will move all the users).

  • The selected user will appear in the right side box.

  • Click the Save option.

Please Note:

  1. If the project is shared with a user group, then all the users under that group appear under the right-side box.

  2. If the EXCLUDE USER tab is selected the user gets excluded from the rights to access the project.

  • A notification message appears indicating the completion of the Share Project function.

  • Login to the user account where the Project is shared.

  • Navigate to the Project list inside the DS Lab module.

  • The Shared Project gets listed under the Projects list. The Shared Project is indicated by the letter "s" next to it.

The user to whom the Project gets shared does not get permissions to Share, Edit, Delete the Project.

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