Managing Options for a Dashboard

The page focuses on the various options provided for a saved dashboard while using the Manage option.

Manage and share your work with others. This section explains how to edit, save, and publish the dashboards created by users.

Generally created dashboards are saved under a workspace. Based on the requirement, the users can edit the dashboards by adding some modifications and saving them to the disk. This tutorial explains how to edit, open, and save dashboards.

The created and saved dashboards can be shared among the users for a purpose. There are options provided to move and publish dashboards.

The below given description helps you how to access those options in the Designer:

  • Navigate to the Designer homepage.

  • Click the Manage option.

  • A list of Workspaces gets displayed.

  • Choose a workspace.

  • A list of all the saved dashboards under the selected workspace gets displayed.

  • Options provided next to a dashboard name can be used to manage or move that dashboard.

Options provided to a Dashboard:




Push To VCS

To push the dashboard to the git version control

Pull from VCS

To Pull the version dashboard from VCS

Share Dashboard

To share the dashboard file with the other user

Open in Designer

To open a created dashboard in the designer canvas.

Publish to Portal

To publish a created dashboard onto the portal.

More Actions

To provide more actions to be applied to the selected dashboard.

Options provided under the More Actions:





Opens preview for the selected dashboard

Export to Local Disk

Exports the dashboard to a local disk


Renames the dashboard


Removes the dashboard

Move To

Moves the dashboard

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