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All about the Designing Workspace

Check out the given walk-through on how to create a Story using the Design option.

  • Navigate to the Data Store list. It will display the space where the newly created story is saved by default. E.g., Story is the newly created story under the My Documents.

  • Search a specific Data Store from the list.

  • Click on a Data Store name to select.

  • While selecting a data store, the user gets three options to begin working with the newly created story:

    • Create Instance / Update Instance: It suggests to refresh the selected Data Store either by Creating a new Instance or Updating an existing Instance.

    • View Design: It redirects the user to the Design workspace where through drag and drop of the required dimensions and measures, a new view gets created for the newly-created story.

    • Search: It redirects the users to approach the newly created business story using the Search functionality.

  • Select the View Design option.

  • The Design page opens displaying the default Guided Tour dialog box.

  • Please end the tour by selecting the End tour option.

  • Drag and drop Dimensions/Measures to the suggested place.

  • Instantly a view gets created using the Mixed chart (by default).

  • Click the Save View icon to save it.

  • A confirmation message appears.

  • The View gets saved on the Storyboard page.

The Guided Tour option on the Design page
  • The guided tour option appears by default while opening the Design page.

  • You may choose the Next option to continue with the guided tour.

  • Choose the End tour option to end the guided tour.

  • Click the Prev option to go back to the previous page.

Please Note:

  • Refer to the Design section of this document for a detailed understanding of the Design page options .

  • The user can select another charting option to change the default visual display of the newly created View.

  • Use the Properties tab to set the chart specific properties and enhance the look and feel of the newly created View.

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