Migrating a Dashboard

Check out the walk-through on how to import a Dashboard using the GIT Migration option.

  • Navigate to the Admin Module.

  • Click the Menu icon to open the admin menu panel.

  • Click the GIT Migration option from the Menu Panel.

  • Click the Import file option that appears.

  • Click the Import option that appears on the next page.

  • The Migration-Document Import screen appears.

  • Select the New VCS for the Version Control Configuration.

  • The Select a Module drop-down menu bar appears at the top-right side of the screen.

  • Select the Dashboard module.

  • A list of the exported dashboards appears on the left side of the page.

  • Use the search bar to search for a dashboard. (Ex. Migration)

  • The customized list appears based on the searched term.

  • Select a dashboard and click to open the details.

  • The various versions (if available in the GIT) of the selected dashboard appear.

  • Select a version using the checkbox.

  • Some more information about the selected dashboard gets displayed.

  • Click the Migrate option.

  • The Data Connector Details dialog window appears to configure a data connector.

  • The user gets two choices to configure the data connector:

Use Existing Connector

  • Let the checkmark be in the given checkbox to use an existing connector.

  • Select a data connector from the drop-down menu.

  • Click the Save option to save the configured data connector details.

Please Note: When the selected Dashboard displays multiple connectors, the user must select them all with the Use Existing Connector option to load all the charts under the selected Dashboard.

Create a New Data Connector:

  • Select the Create New Connector option.

  • Provide the required details: Username, Password, PI/Host, Database Name

  • Click the Save option.

  • A notification message appears, and the selected dashboard gets migrated to the Designer module.

  • Navigate to the Designer module.

  • The migrated dashboard gets added to the Manage section.

Please Note: Click the GIT Export icon to export the selected dashboard to GIT. All the exported Dashboards can be imported using the Import File option of the GIT Migration.

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