The Graphics component is used to show different icons/shapes.

Default Chart Image:

Properties of the Graphics Component:


The user can enable the shadow, change the shadow color, and transparency of the shadow.


  • The user can change the height, width, top, and left values.

  • Put a checkmark in given box to select Initial Visibility option.

  • If this option is enabled, then the chart appears in the first preview of the dashboard.

  • The user can select the Category and the corresponding symbol, to give a symbol to the graphics icon.

  • If the user has kept the Category as None, then we need to specify the icon inside the SVG Path String. Also, we can choose the Cursor Style.

    • By clicking the SVG Path String icon, the SVG Path String window opens.

      • The user can provide an icon name from the library to use it.

      • The Glymph icons from bootstrap can be also used.

Please Note: The chart will not be visible at the first preview if the initial visibility is unchecked

Modified Graphics after changing its Properties:

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