Data Sandbox

Check out the given video on how to create a Data Sandbox under the Data Center module.

Data Sandbox is an isolated environment in which data can be exposed for the purpose of conducting data science experiments. Data can be uploaded to the sandbox via manual upload or a data pipeline. The supported file types are CSV/Excel/Text/Video/Image/Audio.

  • Navigate to the Data Center homepage.

  • Click the New menu.

  • Select the Data Sandbox option from the New context menu.

  • The Data Sandbox form opens.

  • Provide the following information:

    • Data Sandbox Name

    • Provide description for the Data Sandbox.

  • Click the Choose File option.

  • Select a data file from the system.

  • The file gets uploaded to the concerned Data Sandbox.

  • Click the Save Button.

  • A confirmation message appears.

  • Click the Data Sandbox option from the left side panel.

  • All the created Data Sandboxes will get listed. The newly created Data Sandbox gets added at the top of the list.

The Actions icons provided to a listed/saved Data Sandbox are as follows:


Upload File Status

Generates notification message to confirm about the file upload status.


Redirects to Delete the selected Data Sandbox.

Uploading a Data Sandbox

  • A success message appears and the Data Sandbox gets uploaded to the DS Lab module.

  • Navigate to the DS Lab module.

  • You can see the uploaded Data Sandbox listing under the Add Data Sets tab of the DS Lab.

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