Funnel Chart

The Funnel chart can represent various stages in a process. As the shape suggests it widens at the top and narrows at the bottom this chart helps to pinpoint a phase where the maximum dropout occurred. This type of chart can describe a progressive reduction of data as it passes from one phase to the other where each phase represents a different percentage of data contributing to the whole.

Funnel charts help to track progress through a workflow with multiple steps. The user can highlight how well a process is being followed and easily identify any bottlenecks.

Default Chart Image:

Best Situations to Use a Funnel chart:

Funnel charts are suitable for displaying sales conversation data.


  • To evaluate the success of a promotional campaign

  • To analyze the recruitment process

  • Default Chart Image

Properties of the Funnel chart

  • Background: Here user can change the background color of the chart, can get the border for the chart and can change the border color, can get the reflection of the chart by enabling the shadow option can also change the color and increase & decrease the transparency of the shadow.

  • Export Options: The user can enable the ‘Enable Context Menu’, then it is possible to download the reports in different formats if we click on the chart from the preview section. The heading and subheading of that downloaded chart and the name of the downloaded file can be changed from this section.

  • Formatter: The user can change units to % or none. Precision can be used to get value in decimal format. Currency values are available in INR, Pound, USD. The position of the currency gets displayed in prefix for all the currency types except Rupees. The position of the currency appears as a suffix for Rupees. Number Formatter helps the user to choose between Indian or international options.

  • General: The user can change the height, width, top, left. If initial visibility is unchecked, then the chart won’t be visible at the first preview. If the max button is unchecked, then the user can’t maximize the chart separately. The user can change the color they want to see in the funnel in the series color section. Also, if the user wants to include a percentage in the funnel user can enable it.

  • Legend: The user can enable the internal legend if they want to show and can change the font size, color, style, etc.

  • Subtitle: The user can enable the subtitle if the user has any second title and also, they can change the Name, Font color, Font size, Font style, etc.

  • Title: Here user can change Title Name, Font color, size, style, etc.

  • Tooltip: The user can show the description of the series can use the tooltip by enabling it.

General Properties:

Background Properties

Title Properties

Sub Title Properties

Different Variants of Funnel Chart :

Funnel with default options

Funnel with percentage option

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