Check out the given walk-through to create a Story based on the Search option.

The NLP Search option helps users to quest for specific data all through the selected datastore and instantly displays the query results. The users can further save these search results to the current storyboard to immediately build an insightful data story.

  • Navigate to the Story landing page.

  • Search and select a Data Store from the available list.

  • Click the Search icon provided next to the selected data store.

  • The Data Search page opens (with the Guided Tour dialog wizard opening by default).

  • The users can take a tour by using the Next option or close the tour by clicking on the End tour option.

  • The user gets autosuggestions while typing a query in the Data Search bar.

  • After typing a specific query or selecting a search query from the search suggestions, click the Search icon.

  • The search result instantly reflects beneath the search bar.

  • Click the Add to story icon.

  • A notification message appears.

  • The selected view gets added to the storyboard.

Data Drill through Search Option

The user can drill deeper into the selected Data Store by using the BDB Search bar with proper data queries. Refer to the following images to see how instantly the searched data gets displayed with more profound queries:

  • The instantly created view gets displayed in a default charting component based on the inserted search query.

  • The users can switch to any other visualization option using the charting panel provided on the search page.

  • Click the Like icon to save the searched query into the database.

  • Click the Search suggestions icon to display all the saved search suggestions from the database along with a list of dimensions and Measures from the selected Data Store.

  • Other views close to the searched query also get displayed (on the right). The user can add any of the suggested Views to the current storyboard by using the Add to Story icon provided for the view.

Altering Data Store

The users can alter the Data Store by using the Select Data Store icon provided on the Search page.

  • Click on the Select Data Store icon.

  • Displays the selected Data Store- to continue with the selected Data Store (in the given case, it is Sample Data Store)

  • Show more- to select another Data Store from the list of available Data Stores.

  • The Search icon is also accessible from the vertical panel provided on the Storyboard page.

Please Note:

  • The Search functionality supports search terms like yesterday, the day before yesterday, and two days ago.

  • Measure filter values with k/M/lakh/million unit for the =is/is equal to and is between operations are supported as search terms.

Icons on the NLP Search page



Searched the inserted query from the selected Data Store.

Select Data Store

Prompts the users to select Sample Data Store or choose from the list of Data Stores.

Search Suggestions

Displays all the saved search suggestions.

Start BDB Search Tour

Begins the Guided Tour of the BDB Search page.

Close NLP Dialog

Closes the NLP Data Search window.

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