Viewer Role

It is the default user role for all the new users until they are added to any user groups with required permissions to use platform modules.

Check out the walk-through on how a Viewer role gets created.

All the new users created via the User Management module are added to a default role (the viewer role). The default user role restricts all new users from accessing any of the Platform modules until they are attached to some user group.

Let us see how this happens for a new user:

  • Select the User option from the New context menu.

  • Access the New User page opens.

  • Provide the required information to create a new user.

  • Click the Save option.

Please Note:

  • Skip the part Add to Group part for this user.

  • Provide the Custom Fields details for the new user (If only marked as mandatory).

  • A confirmation message appears.

  • The user gets created and added to the list of users (By default the newly created user will appear at the top of the list).

  • Navigate to the Sign In page of the BDB platform.

  • Use the new user’s credentials to access the Platform.

  • Click the Sign In option.

  • Once you Sign in to the platform homepage open the Apps menu.

  • As you can see the newly created user who is not part of any user groups does not have access permissions for the platform modules other than view permission for the Home and Story modules.

Please Note:

  • The newly created user who is not added to any group gets added to the default user group titled Viewer Role.

  • The user in Viewer Role/ Default User Role can have only view permission for the documents shared to him. They can't see any of the credited options for the shared document to modify it.

  • All the newly created users will get the below-given notification message until they have some shared documents available to them.

    • They will have the Shared Documents folder under their My Documents place (by default).

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