Deleting a Workspace

This section describes steps to delete an existing Workspace and restoring the deleted workspace.

  • Select a workspace from the Workspaces list.

  • Click the Remove icon.

  • The Remove dialog window appears to confirm the deletion.

  • Click the Remove option.

  • The selected workspace gets removed from the list.

  • The removed workspace gets added to the Trash Workspace.

Restoring a Deleted Workspace

  • Click the Manage option.

  • Navigate to the Trash workspace created under the list of all the workspaces.

  • Select a deleted workspace that you want to restore and click the Restore icon.

Please Note:

  • Removing a workspace causes the default removal of all the dashboards saved under it into the Trash workspace.

  • Click the Reload Workspaces icon provided next to the Workspaces list to load all the workspaces again.

  • Click the Restore icon from the Trash workspace to restore deleted workspaces.

  • Click the Remove Permanently icon from the Trash workspace to delete a workspace or dashboard permanently.

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