Creating a Data Connector

This page explains the step by step process to create a model connector under the BDB platform.

  • Click on the Data Center option from the Apps menu.

  • The Data Center Homepage opens.

  • Click the New option.

  • Click the Data Connector option from the New context menu (as displayed below).

  • A page opens with all the available data connector types.

  • The user can search a specific connector type using the Search bar (E.g., MySQL)


  • Click the Filter by Category icon to get various categories of data connectors.

  • Select a category from the displayed menu.

  • The Data Connectors page gets customized based on the selected category (E.g., the following image displays all the available data connectors from the Database category).

  • Click on a Connector type.

  • The Connector specific page opens.

  • You need to configure the required details for the selected connector.

Please Note: The configuration fields may vary based on the selected category of the data connector. Refer to the Supported Data Connectors page to get more information on it.

  • Click the Save option after providing the required details.

  • A confirmation message appears to confirm the connection (only for the database connectors).

  • Another success message appears to inform the user that the data connector has been created successfully.

  • The newly created data connector gets added to the data connector list.

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