Canvas Properties

The Designer canvass is provided with specific properties.

  • Navigate to the Designer canvas.

  • Use the Right-click anywhere on the canvas.

  • Select the Properties option from the context menu.

  • The following Canvas properties will be displayed:


Parameter Name


Background Colors

Users will be directed to select a background color.


Set background-color opacity.

Background Rotation

Set the value to rotate the background color accordingly

Please Note: By clicking the Background Colors icon, a new window opens with a menu to select a color for the Background (as displayed in the below-given image) gradient colors. The users can select a color using the menu and click the Save option to apply the selected background gradient color.


Parameter Name



Set border thickness.

Border Color

Select a border color from the menu.

Global Font And Themes

Parameter Name


Use Global Shadow

Enable this option to display global shadow

Shadow Color

Select a color from using the menu

Shadow Transparency

Set the transparency for the shadow

Use Global Font

Enable this option to use the global font.

Font Family

Select a font type from the drop-down menu.

Designer Themes

Select a theme from the drop-down menu.


Parameter Name


Screen Size

Select an option from the drop-down menu.


Increase/decrease the width of the dashboard.


Increase/decrease the height of the dashboard.

Enable Scaling

Enable this option to display scaling.

Scaling View

Select an option from the drop-down menu (Fit to page/Fit to width/Fit to height/Proportional)

Please Note: The Dashboard screen size can be scaled based on display devices (E.g., Mobile, iPad, and PC).

Steps to set the Screen Size

  • Click the drop-down icon for the Screen Size field.

  • A context menu appear displaying various options to set the Screen Size.

Language Mapping

Parameter Name



Enable this option to apply language mapping functionality.

Hide Curly Braces

Enable this option to hide the curly braces.

Select a Mapping

Select a language mapping using the drop-down menu.

Please Note: By clicking on the Select a Mapping icon, the Language Mapping Selection dialog box opens.

Steps to Map a Language

  • Navigate to the Language Mapping Selection dialog box.

  • Select a language mapping option using the Mapping List drop-down menu.

  • Click the Save option.


Use a checkmark in the given box to enable the Enable Cache option for the data service. If cache is enabled for a dashboard with a data service as a data source it will do the following tasks:

  • While loading the dashboard, for the first time data will hit from database.

  • The same dashboard while loading again it will load the data from the Cache.

Report Burst

Use a checkmark in the given box to Enable Report Burst. By enabling the Report Burst option from the Dashboard properties displays the Report Burst option for a published Dashboard. Refer the Report Burst section from the Options for a Published Dashboard section for more details.

Please Note: The Report Burst option comes pre-selected in all the new dashboards.

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